Superior quality with unique features

The Adjusto is specially designed to accommodate a wide variety of sleeping positions and can be easily adjusted to your desired position. The built in massager adds an extra bit of luxury for your ultimate relaxation.

The built in massager is installed inside the mattress at two locations ensuring you can easily relax strained muscles following a hard day’s work.

Head Up
The Adjusto Head Up position allows for you to easily enjoy reading, watching TV or using your laptop while in a comfortable and ergonomically correct position.

Foot Up
The Foot Up position allows you to raise the lower portion of the mattress reducing strain on the legs and lower body after exercising or spending a day on your feet.

Head & Foot 
The Head & Foot Up setting allows you to adjust both the upper and lower portion of the mattress increasing your overall comfort and discovering full relaxation.

Head & Foot Slightly  
The Head & Foot Up Slightlys setting raises the head and feet partially allowing for full ergonomic support while relaxing in a partially horizontal position.

The Sleep position flattens to a fully flat horizontal design providing full support for a refreshing night’s rest.

Personalized Memory 
For added convenience, the personalized memory function stores your personal favorite positions so you can easily return to that perfect embrace with the touch of a button.