New Wallhugger

The Adjusto™ electronic enables you to optimize your sleeping position to match your personal preferences with the push of a button. Enjoying customized comfort has never been easier. The wireless remote control unit allows you to adjust the mattress form as well as enjoy the systems built in massage features. The Adjusto is ready to respond to your every need- an evening massage, lounging sofa for the TV room, or even a comfortable and supportive setting to catch up on some last minute emails, the Adjusto is easily transformed. Customizable comfort at your fingertips leaves you desiring nothing but more time to relax in the embrace of an Omazz® Adjusto electronic bed.

Customizable comfort at your fingertips !

The Omazz® Adjusto features an electronically adjustable mattress tucked inside a fine suede linen cover made specially by Loto Mobili in Italy. A full package of comfort, elegance and style ready to welcome you into the serenity you deserve. The head and footer positions of the mattress can be easily adjusted with the touch of a finger. The uppermost position holds you comfortably at 60 degrees allowing for easy use of a laptop or reading before bed. Enjoy the luxury of having your own personal masseuse at your beckon call with the built in massage features ready to help you unwind and relax muscle tension any time you desire.