Contempo Signature

Minimalist inspired design and innovative use of natural material are the essence of this new collection. Omazz Contempo Signature offers endless soft touch comfort for your perfect rest and true peace. Experience the unsurpassed level of pressure relief through careful selection of fine natural materials including exclusive layers of Omazz TalatechTM Latex Toppers and Omazz EarthEco foams (Organic Soy-bean based formula). Weight redistribution is improved to perfection with latest advanced mini coil system, OMAZZ Micro Pocketed coil®. Number of coil counts is also increased significantly by almost 100% compared to ordinary pocketed coil.The micro sized individual coils work independently and freely from one another to ensure that every square centimeter of your body is properly pampered and supported throughout the night. Each mattress is meticulously hand-stitched and assembled by Our artisans. Enjoy the true peace in style with OMAZZ Contempo series.


BALANCE SUPPORT SYSTEM :   Omazz Talatech™ Latex Topper - 32 ILD (50 mm.)
Earth Eco™ Zoning Topper (Soft touch 50 mm.)
Earth Eco™ Topper (25 mm.)
BASE-CORE SYSTEM :   OMAZZ Micro Pocketed Coil®
COVER :   Top: Cotton-Knit / Border: Botanica 02
FABRIC TREATMENT:   Sanicott® pre-treated onto yarn for permanent protection
ASSEMBLY:   Hand-stitching
MATTRESS HEIGHT:   Approx. 30.5 cm.