Love Earth. Love Eco.

Omazz® proudly presents an all-natural bed inspired by earth’s most precious gifts of nature.  The organic design provides for a truly peaceful and relaxing sleeping experience like no other. 

The Omazz® Earth Eco foam is made from all-natural soybean oil, air and purified water. Thanks to the latest environmentally friendly innovations, our mattress no longer requires the use of chemicals, polymers, or polyurethanes, all of which are non-renewable and toxic artificial resources detrimental to the environment, for production. Our natural raw materials are firstly purified and sanitized prior to being formulated and transferred into the Omazz® Earth Eco foam form. Secondly, the structure of the mattress is re-engineered at a micro-cell level creating a honeycomb structure throughout the foam. Following the most stringent of quality control measures, Omazz® ensures that Earth Eco foam is all-natural, eco-friendly, hygienic and produced with a complex open-cell structure. The open-cell structure is crucial for guaranteeing greater durability, highly resilient comfort, perfect air-circulation and a level of unsurpassed quality and sleep hygiene Omazz® customers have come to expect.

As a reflection of our corporate social responsibility, Omazz® is committed to continuous research in the development of our green mattresses and bedding accessories. We strive to offer options for both hygienic and luxurious living through the handmade assembly of our green bedding products that are both 100% eco-friendly and elegantly stylish.  

Personality & Craftsmanship

The careful thought and attentiveness put into the construction of our Earth Eco collection is proof to our passion for creating the best beds on the planet. The new Earth Eco mattress collection possesses a subtle yet luxurious and innovation-driven character with an inviting aura of organic cleanliness. The welcoming milky-white cashmere-velour mattress cover is perfectly complemented by an earth-toned velour side-border mirroring the tone of the new collection: to Love Earth and Be Eco.

The mattress features a new finishing exclusive to the Earth Eco collection. Conventional piping has been eliminated and replaced by a delicate inner stitching that binds the top cover and mattress together with intricate precision. The lack of piping and new contrasting top border design require that the upmost attention be given to detail during their construction and can only be accomplished through the use of the world’s oldest sewing machine – human hands.  The careful construction of just one king sized mattress requires over 16,000 handmade stitches and hours of careful concentration from our expert craftsmen. The perfect stitching along the edging seam of the mattress is proof to the quality housed within. Omazz® is proud to introduce this stunning new collection that further reveals the elaborate attention and importance to detail we give all of our products.

Earth Eco Mattress Collection
The new line of Omazz® green beds are created through a combination of nature’s greatest gifts: Earth Eco foam, Omazz® Evercloud padding, and Omazz® Talatech Latex toppers. The comforting style of this collection focuses on offering a gently firm level of support without depending upon any inner coil structure. Delicately brought to life by hand and falling fully within the refreshing Earth Eco character, this mattress collection provides for not only peaceful rest but also peace of mind. Slip away into full relaxation amongst the all-natural materials gifted to us by Mother Earth and show your appreciation by incorporating eco-friendly living into your bedding decor.