Is tossing and turning bad? 

Tossing and turning reduces blood flow and limits the ability of oxygen to reach your body’s muscles and tissues. The body compensates for this lack of oxygen by moving. Unfortunately, this movement leads to less restful sleep and can leave you feeling run down and tired in the morning. Luckily, ensuring a good night’s rest is easy – latex mattresses and pillows allow for easy flow of oxygen to all your muscles recharging and renewing cells and prolonging REM, or deep sleep. Prolonged REM sleep leads to stress reduction and full mind rejuvenation. Our pillows are specially designed to relieve pressure and offer optimal support. All materials are hand-selected from only the best all-natural materials the world has to offer including Siberian goose down, Arctic goose down, Hungarian goose down and Talatech latex foam.

Why is pressure relief important? 

Pressure inhibits blood and oxygen flow to various zones of the body, causing the tossing and turning that interrupts a good night’s rest. Proper support and alignment ensures your body gets vital nutrients to repair and restore itself throughout the night.

Omazz® employs its in-house sophisticated data mapping system called the XSENSOR®, featuring 10,000 sensors to measure pressure points (shown in red) between a body and a sleep surface. XSENSOR® technology is an indispensable tool for designing, testing, and optimizing sleep surfaces for exceptional comfort and support.

XSENSOR® pressure tests prove our Authentic Talatech latex provides up to 33% more pressure relief than visco-elastic foam and outperforms other latex brands. Authentic Talatech latex offers the superior support and pressure relief consumers are looking for today and instantly conforms to every curve and contour of your body.

I've tried everything, but I'm still not sleeping well, what should I do?

Nutrition, lifestyle, and other factors deeply affect sleep. Many people suffer from sleeping disorders that can only be addressed by a professional, so talk with your physician when rest isn't improved by good sleeping habits and quality bedding. Some of the best approaches for naturally inducing sleep are regular exercise, drinking chamomile tea prior to bedtime, or relaxing in a warm bath. Yoga is also a great therapy leading towards healthy sleep. Lastly, choosing the right bed set made from natural materials will greatly improve your level of rest and relaxation.

What's the difference between Omazz® Talatech latex and Dunlop-process latex? 

Omazz® employs the World’s best Talatech Latex process: a highly controlled, sophisticated latex manufacturing process that produces the highest quality, most consistent latex available in the world. An alternative technology, known as the Dunlop process, is the most commonly used production method globally. The Dunlop process creates a firmer product that is most often used as a base core component.

The major difference between the two processes is what happens in the mold just prior to the initial latex curing stage. In the Talalay process, only a small amount of latex compound is poured into the mold. Air is extracted to perfectly distribute the foamed liquid inside the mold and create a consistent round, open-celled structure. The mattress core is flash frozen to lock the cell structure in place and prevent the Latex particles from settling. In the Dunlop process, the molds are filled to the brim, air is not extracted, and the product is not processed through extreme temperatures creating a latex cell structure that is less “airy”. Gravity takes over settling the particles creating a denser product than Talatech latex. Talatech latex is available in much wider ranges of firmness, providing enhanced comfort to consumers who refuse to compromise on top quality for healthy rest.

Essentially, Omazz® Talatech latex is made of 3 elements including (1) Pure natural latex milk (2) Purified water (3) Air. These three features are what make our latex the best comfort layer in the world, period!

Why Omazz® latex is always a preferred choice for those who require no compromise on quality?  

Omazz® Authentic Talatech latex is the finest latex foam available in the world. Our exclusive Talatech process ensures removal of proteins that can cause other latex to break down over time. Consequently, reduced allergens and a toxin-free sleep surface means better, healthier sleep for you and your family with inherence to bacteria, mold, mildew and dust mites. Made exclusively in the U.S.A., our latex is more durable and 100% hygienic.

Ultra durable : Our consistent open-cell structure means our Talatech latex provides superior comfort far longer than other ordinary bedding products.
Proven Quality : We are the only manufacturer to test EVERY mattress core in 9 different locations ensuring product consistency. Every pillow is hand inspected and weighed. All material standards are required to be of a class 1 grade, as Omazz® does not compromise on quality.
World Leader : Omazz® Authentic Talatech is the only Talalay latex made in the U.S.A - the finest in the world - for a uniform product feel from top to bottom in combination. Our mattresses finished in the original 'TOFU' style are made completely by hand and with pride, ensuring a boundary-free comfort zone with no hard edges.

Comparison to Memory Foam 

Omazz® latex foam is proven to provide 33% more pressure relief and contouring support than memory foam. Our unique latex blend responds instantly to your unique body contours - without having to wait to be triggered by your body heat. Latex is made completely from a rubber-based product versus memory or viscoelastic foam derived from polyurethane - plastics. Latex provides "instantaneous recovery" as it contours and supports any body movement, while memory foam provides a "slow recovery" in response to your body heat. With memory foam, the sleeper must wait for their body temperature to soften the foam prior to experiencing the contouring where as latex can provide immediately.