Bedsheet set

Omazz® Premium bedding product sets focus on the selection of natural raw materials that are of excellent quality.
We pay meticulous attention and detail to selecting the highest quality raw materials used
in the production of Tencel Bedding and Cotton Bedding Sets.

Omazz® products Premium bedding sets focus on the selection of natural raw materials that are of excellent quality. TENCEL is a fabric used with a delicate texture similar to silk. It stands out for its softness, strength and gives you coolness like linen. It’s warm like wool and can absorb more moisture than normal fabrics. Made from 100% natural fibers and containing cellulose derived from plants, the OMAZZ® TENCEL® Bedlinen has been awarded THE EUROPEAN ECO AWARD for its environmentally friendly production process.

COTTON is one of the most popular materials in the world for making bedding sets. The Omazz® Cotton Bedding set is made from the world finest 100% cotton, woven with 950 threads for a silky-smooth touch and a silky sheen. Fluid softness creates a dimensional look so the fabric looks luxurious and classy. Created through production with Nestar Soft technology (NestarsoftTM Technique) that uses Bio-Enzymes cross-linking method which fastens each yarn between the threads, allowing it to converge to the correct tension and spring back to its original shape without breaking the fabric thus producing a fabric that is not easy to wrinkle, and reforms its shape well. With this special superior quality of weaving technique, the yarn is separated which gives the fabric a softness similar to natural silk whilst giving the fabric a soft, lustrous shine. This extraordinary fabric will truly complement your bed with softness.


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