Earth Eco™ Collection

Love earth, love nature

Omazz® offers you an unrivalled sleeping experience through quality mattresses sourced from nature’s most precious materials, Omazz® -earth-eco foam made from natural soybean oil, air and purified water. With innovative modern production processes that are environmentally friendly, which doesn’t use chemicals, polymers and polyurethanes which cannot be recycled and is also toxic to the environment. Our sources natural materials are processed, cleaned and purified are devoid of germs before being transformed into Omazz® -earth-eco foam.

Omazz® mattresses are manufactured with a honeycomb microcellular structure throughout the foam, through strict quality controls, we ensure that Earth Eco foam is not only environmentally-friendly. Clean, germ-free and thanks to its mesh-structured cells, it guarantees a long service life. Flexible, soft, restorative, well-ventilated and hygienic mattresses for serene restful nights. With its superiority, we continue our corporate social responsibility with our commitment to never stop researching and developing eco-friendly mattresses and bedding for good quality of life, with both health and luxury from delicately handcrafted products.

The identity of the Omazz® mattress

Evidence of our passion and unwavering determination to create the best bedding is found in every room. Details of every workpiece of the new collection on Earth Eco mattresses retain its signature sophistication, luxury and modernity. The white cashmere velvet wrap top is complementing the earth-tone velvet on the sides of the mattress. The tones and moods of our collection reflect our love for the world and the inclusion of nature.

The Omazz® mattresses are uniquely designed. The original form has been replaced by seamless stitching and contrasting design on the top and sides, all built with some of the oldest sewing machines in Omazz® ’s history. The craftsmanship of our staffs who collaborate in crafting for over 16,000 stitches have a beautifully finished king size bed.  Its creation means endless hours of attention to detail that combines the craftsmanship and skill required to make each Omazz® mattress. We take great pride in our brand identity and exclusivity that is reflected in every meticulous detail of our products.

OMAZZ® ® Mattress EarthEco™ Collection

The new Omazz® mattress collection is designed and created by incorporating the finest natural resources and materials into a mattress without springs. For you to experience the nature of serene comfort and unmatched relaxation.

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