Peace is true happiness

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Peace is true happiness.

Within the bedding industry, emphasis is often placed upon automation-assisted production and increasing productivity. Omazz® employs an alternate focus; placing its core values around utilizing the world’s finest naturally-based materials to create a product in a class of its own, handcrafted to absolute perfection. Since its foundation in the late 1980s (Read more…)

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Omazz 360°

OMAZZ, the legendary natural-based handmade mattress and organic bedding brand opened its new flagship gallery at Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok

OMAZZ, the Mattress and Bedding Accessories Brand which uses exclusive natural materials that only come from the world’s best sources, pairing with distinctive art skills of intrinsic artisans to create the sophisticated hand-crafted products, conveying the ultimate peaceful resting experience which can only be discovered at Omazz Gallery.

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