5 Unique Talatech™ Latex Features

Talalatech Latex instantly conforms to your unique body structure offering support with a “bottomless” sensation reminiscent of sleeping on a cloud.

Advantage – A bottomless sleep sensation ensures that no part of your body will feel any weight or pressure from lying against the support surface. Latex lifts your body allowing for increased blood flow that is crucial to a good night’s rest.

Benefit – ncreased blood flow means less tossing and turning, minimizing disruption of the natural sleep cycle. Talalatech latex mattresses and pillows bounce back and never require fluffing

Talalatech™ Latex is made of resilient rubber that naturally provides the support and durability our bodies require night after night. The large open-cell latex structure is both consistent and flexible, offering a natural durability that inflexible plastics simply cannot replicate.

Advantage – Talalatech™ latex is proven to be 3 times more durable than any other latex or polyurethane foam.

Benefit – Talalatech™ latex bedding materials never break downs and sets, unlike fiber products allowing for you to enjoy the support you desire for years to come.

Talalatech™ latex is known for its naturally elastic properties allowing the medium to stretch and conform to your unique body shape incredibly quickly.

Advantage – While memory foam and other polyurethane foams require the slow passing of time to fully conform to your body shape, the support provided by Talalatech™ latex can be felt almost instantaneously.

Benefit – Full body pressure support keeps your spine aligned correctly during sleep, minimizing tossing and turning during the night and aches and pains upon waking.

The unique open-cell structure of Talalatech™ Latex foam offers ultimate breathability ensuring full air-circulation and comfort year round.

Advantage – Talalatech™ latex provides up to four times more airflow than other leading memory foam and polyurethane bedding.

Benefit – Better regulated sleep temperatures means deeper sleep year round. Warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

Talalatech™ Latex is created through a carefully controlled process using only natural materials and water based. The result is a completely toxin-free product providing peaceful rest and peace of mind.

Advantage – Latex is a naturally hypoallergenic product that is inherently resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew and dust mites.

Benefit – Reduced allergens and a toxin-free sleep surface means better, healthier sleep for you and your family.


Omazz® Evercloud is the world’s first and only quiltable latex padding that can be quilted directly to the mattress cover fabric. It brings conforming support and durability to the surface of a mattress. Also it significantly reduces mattress body impressions. Testing of Evercloud shows up to 29% stronger resistance to body impressions than any other quilting materials. Evercloud: a promise to truly luxurious nights with ultimate pressure relief and maximum breathability.

Not all latex foams are equal. ILD is the standard numbering system used for rating Omazz Talatech latex foam firmness. The ILD number of a mattress reflects the weight needed to compress a four inches latex block by one inch. The higher the ILD rating, the more firm the mattress design. Everyone’s tastes are different, which is why we offer a wide variety of ILD levels ranging from very firm to extra soft.

Additional layers of latex within a mattress design increase the bed’s weight distribution capabilities. More layers equals more support, better circulation, weight distribution and overall comfort. Whether you prefer soft or firmer mattress designs, the more layers you add the more comfort you will experience.

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