Omazz® expresses concern for the well-being of you and your loved ones by providing you with the perfect natural therapeutic sleep. Omazz® mattresses are handcrafted with meticulous details and are guaranteed against defects of any aspect of production for a specified period from the date of purchase.


The terms of the warranty do not include covers and only apply to the Omazz® seal.

Omazz® mattress is a single-sided mattress. You can rotate the mattress every few months to extend the life of the mattress. Mattresses should not be jumped on, pounded or exposed to any chemicals. Do not tear or cut the rubber layer as your warranty will be void. It is recommended to use a cover sheet to keep the rubber layer in good condition. Remove the bedding and leave it to have ventilated, this should be done once a month.

The Prorated Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty covers the following specific manufacturing faults under conditions of normal wear.

Warranty scope

The warranty is a guarantee to repair the mattress and the internal components of the mattress including the structure are damaged by use.

Online Registration E-Register

To receive the benefit of this warranty, please register online within 30 days of delivery at Benefits apply to only the original purchaser from the company. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser from the company (buyer).

Warranty terms and conditions

Company Warranty

If the mattress has a manufacturing defect the buyer should contact the warranty department of the company and to request services. The company will send staff to check defects as informed by the customer and perform mattress repairs.

Mattress Warranty Scope

The company’s mattress warranty guarantees the components inside the mattress structure excluding the cover, caused by manufacturing defects with the following details:

  • Springs or coils damaged or broken from normal use.
  • Spring balls or protruding coils emerging or tearing through the mattress cover from normal use
  • Latex, rubber and foam layers inside the mattress damaged from normal use

What scope does the warranty cover?

  • Upholstery (including stains, dirt or burns).
  • Normal pressure marks from the body that are 30 millimeters (3 centimeters) deep.
  • Coils that surround the edge of the mattress including the surrounding outer edge of the mattress or the base of the mattress is bent or deformed due to incorrect movement or bending
  • Products sold as either or as a display/ bed height/ preferences for the comfort of the product/blankets fit.

What doesn’t the warranty cover?

  • Damage caused by misuse or improper use.
  • Damage to the mattress structure caused by improper use of the bed.
  • The latex or foam in the mattress has been damaged by tearing or cutting.
  • The size of each mattress may have inaccuracies up to not more than 2 centimeters because the product is processed by hand and the flexibility of the mattress material layer. The mattress can stretch or shrink naturally.

Components of the structure Mattress material used for repair or replacement, if not available at that time, Lotus reserves the right to substitute with raw materials or products of comparable quality.

Service fee for the company's mattress warranty

For 12 months from the date of delivery, in the instance of a manufacturing defect, the company will retrieve and return the product to change and/or repair the mattress structure, free of charge.

From the second year onwards from the date of delivery, the company will charge mattress storage and return starting at 1,500 baht (service rates depend on distance).

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