OMAZZ® Bedding

Omazz® mattresses are created with the finest natural materials in the world. The craftmanship makes the best mattresses and create the perfect sleep.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the bedding and mattress industry prioritizes production using automation to increase productivity but here at Omazz® our philosophy centers around careful hand-selecting the finest natural materials from around the world for each of our mattresses.

Omazz® has played a pioneering role since its inception nearly 30 years ago as the sole inventor of the “tofu” design mattress. Omazz® “tofu” shape mattresses are unique in both its shape and design. Using woven natural materials of exceptional quality which has created a new standard as well as raised the level of luxury in the global mattress industry. Exquisite design in every detail makes it possible to solve the problem of hard-edged mattress.  The design of mattress helps support the back of the sleeper and create the perfect sleep without boundaries.

In addition to the unique design, the company has set new company standards for the premium mattress industry that aims to emphasize artisanship and craftsmanship in combination with the best natural raw materials. Many companies have unsuccessfully tried to replicate Omazz®  standards but Omazz® has been able to create unparalleled standards by adhering to the belief that maximum comfort and perfection in every product detail can only be created by handweaving not machines.

Designed with the inspiration to combine simplicity with innovation from natural materials, allowing you to experience softness and comfort for relaxation.

Love the world, love nature, quality mattress derived from nature’s precious materials, Foam Omas Earth Eco.

Created from the finest natural Talatech™ latex to help you reach true serenity of relaxation.

A combination of topper layer, Talatech™, natural latex and Organique premium foam support system for complete relaxation.

Another option for spring mattress enthusiasts with natural latex body, latex and natural latex topper for softness and comfort.

A touch of soft embrace from the Omazz® mattress Zensational™ a feature derived from the Progressive Recovery Tala-lake structure, for timeless natural comfort.

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