Atthaya Thitikul, the youngest golfer ever to win professional golf tournament

Atthaya Thitikul or well known as Pro Jeen has a real presence and that her ability to show she is a great example of a real fighter. It feels that she will be a big influence on people across the world and not just in a golf recognition but can hold everything together.
Atthaya Thitikul

As a role model, Pro Jeen has set example as a fighter. She was quiet an unhealthy person and had a lot of allergens issues during childhood and her family encouraged her to pick a sport.  Unknowingly taking golf has soon turned into her real passion sport and into a success career now. Youngsters are now idolizing Pro Jeen as a golfer for the first time and this brings her happiness.

Pro Jeen’s manages her golf advancement by trying to be mindfulness. By trying to stay focused, stay concentrated and to meditate. These combined boast long-term health benefits and it gives plenty of peace. The concentration comes from having peace in your heart a day can calm the mind and eventually stay focus in the game. As a result, the performance on the golf course has affect immensely. For her, feeling at peace is well match with the mental and emotional demands of golf.

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In the near future, there will be more tournaments and challenges for this young athlete, for all that, every night she will be well rested with Omazz.

"The right fit for me, like Omazz, peace is my true happiness"
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