Omazz® seeks perfection of sleeping comfort by following the sleep tradition of the ancient royal families.

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Since its foundation in the late 1980s, Omazz® has taken on the pioneering role as the sole producer of ‘TOFU’ styled mattresses handcrafted from only the world’s finest natural materials. The unique and unmatched designs of Omazz® ‘TOFU’ styled beds have since risen to set a new standard and level of luxury within the industry. The elegant design eliminates any hard edges offering complete support and providing a comfort zone with no boundaries.

The unique design set a new benchmark standard by seamlessly pairing ultimate comfort and elegance. Many competitors have attempted to replicate the high standard Omazz® offers its clientele, many have failed. Omazz® is able to offer an unmatchable product by upholding the belief that absolute comfort can only be crafted by hand, no machines in the world are capable of achieving such perfection.

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