Lux Comfort topper


Lux Comfort topper

King (6 ft.)King (6 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)
Experience superior relaxation with the Omazz Topper Lavish Comfort mattress accessory. That will let you feel the balance of nature From pure latex Through the TALATECHTM LATEX production process technology, Omazz’s unique identity creates a foam rubber with Opened – Cell Structure as a porous structure Make it able to ventilate well Flexible, exceptionally durable Plus the body temperature adjustment feature gives you a warm feeling in winter. And cool in summer Helps relieve tension from body pressure by up to 300%.
The health consciousness cannot be ignored due to the protein residues in the rubber material, the food source of dust mites and the cause of allergy symptoms.Omazz is among less than 1% of manufacturers interested in solving the problem of protein residue in rubber and its substances. Natural allergens It goes through a 5-stage cleaning process with 12 cleaning nozzles at each step. You can be assured that Omazz TALATECHTM LATEX is free from allergy-causing contaminants in your home.

Along with the floor Natural-extract foam quilt plus Hollo Fill fiber to enhance weight distribution, soft touch with Sanicott Treated Cotton Velor fabric coated with natural protection. Helps to add another layer of protection against dust mites for better health safety

Topper Lux Comfort  Mattress Accessories That will allow you to experience relaxation, balance, relaxation Feel real peace and comfort


Cover : Sanicott Treated Cotton Velour
Pressure Relief System : Natural-extract foam quilt plus Hollo Fill fiber
Balance Support System: 41 ILD TalatechTM Latex
Thickness: 2  inches


King (6 ft.), Queen (5 ft.), Twin (3.5 ft.)

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