Omazz® Contempo


Combining simplicity and innovation with natural materials allows you to feel the perfect balance of softness and pressure while embracing the natural layers of materials that have been meticulously selected “Omazz® Talatech™ Latex Topper” and “Natural foam Omazz®. Zone Earth Eco© Topper extracted from natural soybean oil”, exclusive to Omazz®.

Twin (3.5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)Twin (3.5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)Queen (5 ft.)King (6 ft.)King (6 ft.)King (6 ft.)

Contempo, the latest collection of mattresses from Omazz® which has been designed with inspiration to combine simplicity with innovation from natural materials allowing you to feel the perfect balance of softness and pressure while embracing the body of natural materials that have been and meticulously selected.

“Omazz® Talatech™ Latex Topper” and “Omazz® -Earth Eco-Separated Natural Foam

(Zoning EarthEco© Topper, an extract derived from natural soybean oil)” Exclusively from Omazz®.


Including the most advanced OMAZZ® Micro Pocketed coil® spring system that has been developed to improve weight distribution efficiency as well as increase the number of spring balls to more than double compared to general pocketed spring mattresses, with which each spring has a separate function to increase the efficiency of supporting body weight. This ensures that every part of your body is properly supported throughout the night.

In addition, every mattress is produced and assembled with skilled craftsmen using traditional hand-made artisanship with meticulous care.

We encourage you to contact us and find an excellent sleep experience solution and tranquility with the Omazz® Contempo mattress.

Quality materials details

Quality material class

  • Evercloud Talatech™ Latex Topper – 40 ILD (15 mm.)
  • Earth Eco™ Zoning Topper (Firm 50 mm.)

Weight Support Base: OMAZZ® Micro Pocketed Coil®

Cover: Top of mattress: Cotton Knit cover Side of mattress: Botanica 02 cover

Cover coating: Sanicott® natural protective agent is applied to all fibers of the cover for permanent protection.

Assembly: Assembled by hand using traditional craftsmanship.

Thickness: about 28 cm

Warranty: 10 years

Comfort level





Comfortably soft


Perfectly balanced


Comfortably firm



Mattress size

Twin (3.5 ft.), Queen (5 ft.), King (6 ft.)

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