Omazz® Royal Zensational™
Progressive Recovery, Endless Comfort. Naturally Omazz Royal Zensational™ is the best of both Worlds – experience the perfect sleep hygiene of oxygen treated Merino Wool with Omazzâ natural Talatech™ latex and the new sensation of true peace and sleep comfort from a unique, progressive recovery support structure.

Mother nature’s gift
Naturally grown Italian Merino Wool is renowned for its temperature regulating properties, yet exceptionally soft and lightweight. Thanks to the spontaneous curls of the merino wool fiber, it can absorb moisture up to 30% of its own weight without feeling clammy and renders back humidity 7 times quickly than many other textile fibers, offering dry sleep environment at all times. Omazz doesn’t stop there. Furthermore, Omazz Merino Wool used in Royal Zensational ™ Collection is oxygen treated. This environmentally friendly process is unlike traditional method of using harmful chlorine gas, oxygen eliminates wool scales without damaging the proteins of the fiber resulting in soft, hygroscopic, odorless and permeable to vapor characteristics. Cozy allurement, restful sleep – Natural Therapy for Perfect Sleep.

Natural zensation
Omazz Zensational™ isn’t from polyurethane like such as memory foam. It’s made of natural latex milk, air, and purified water with the latest innovative production formula, which is a new era of Talalay process. The natural latex milk is blended with purified water and air before transformation into progressive recovery foam that is both eco-friendly and natural.

Perfect sleep hygiene
The Zensational™ foam is formulated with opened-air structure. Not only it helps enhance weight balance support, but it provides the best air-circulation within the mattress. That also means 4 times more breathability than any leading artificial memory foam. Most significantly, like all of Omazz  Talatech™ latex, the Zensational™ foam is naturally dust mite resistant and antimicrobial as it is protein-free.

Sweet dream with unique sensation
Enjoy the great support from the Talatech™ latex structure, however with Omazzâ Royal Zensational™ mattress line you will instantly discover the totally unique sensation. The feeling of being embraced gently by the mattress once you lay down. This further brings body pressure points down to almost zero. The surface slowly cradles the body without the dense sinking or cave-like feel of conventional visco-elastic foam. “Cratering” is eliminated, while you will still be able to easily move from one position to another as the Zensational™ foam is programmed to progressively recover or return to its original shape faster than normal artificial visco or memory foam.

Royal Zensational™ Mattress Collection

  • Omazz Royal Zensational™ collection is upholstered into two cover parts. Top cover offers in Cashmere blend velour class 1 fabric in snow white color and body cover is luxurious cotton-velour class 1 fabric in olive-silver color both only made delicately by hands of our passionate craftsmen. The mattress is designed into three separate vital components;


  • A combination of Italian Merino Wool for dry sleeping environment and world’s first quiltable Evercloud® Latex padding for further body-pressure reduction to maximum effectively redistributes the weight balance. Moreover, additional 2 layers of 2.5cm Omazz Talatech™ latex (22ILD and 24ILD) at the very bottom of topper truly materialize sleeping on a cloud phenomenon.
  • Middle core – 2 layers of 5cm natural Zensational™ foam create the unique sensation while eliminating body pressures to zero.
  • Base core – Omazzâ Talatech™ latex 12.5cm (48ILD) provides stability of weight support underneath and ideal firmness for optimal push-back support regardless the sleepers.

Base core

  • Omazz Talatech™ latex 12.5cm (48ILD) provides stability of weight support underneath and ideal firmness for optimal push-back support regardless the sleepers.

Cover: Luxurious cotton-velour class 1 fabric in a new olive-silver color

Mattress Hight : Approx. 31 cm.

Comfort Level : Good Balance

Omazz Mattress Zensational Royal

Delicately, sewn and stitched by the hands of Omazz artisans Carefully hand-crafted In order to maintain perfect cleanliness and purity, we use only water-based and naturally derived liquid adhesives during the creation of all our bedding products.






Omazz Mattress – Royal Zensational™

Omazz® Zensational™ Supreme created for the ultimate experience of body embrace with maximum depth of progressive recovery structure and true peace of sleep comfort with superior pressure relief advantage.

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