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Omazz Tencel® Bedlinen unites the advantages of many different fibers yet it is 100% natural based. It is known to be as fine as silk, as strong as polyester, as easy to care for as acrylic, cool and pleasant like linen, as warm as wool and absorbs more moisture than cotton.

Bedsheet 3.5 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 3.5 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 5 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 5 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 6 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 6 ft. (1pcs)Bolster case 15″x44″ (2pcs)Bolster case 15″x44″ (2pcs)Duvet Cover 70″x90″(1pcs)Duvet Cover 70″x90″(1pcs)Duvet Cover 90″x100″(1pcs)Duvet Cover 90″x100″(1pcs)Pillow case 20″x30″ (2pcs)Pillow case 20″x30″ (2pcs)Wing pillow cover 20″x30″ (2 pcs)Wing pillow cover 20″x30″ (2 pcs)

OMAZZ® TENCEL® bedding sets are known for their silky texture and coolness like linen. It’s warm like wool and can absorb more moisture than normal fabrics. Made from 100% natural fibers.

OMAZZ® TENCEL® also contains cellulose, which is synthetically derived from plants that require a technological process that gives properties that are different from other types of fabrics.

OMAZZ® TENCEL® bedding sets have been awarded THE EUROPEAN ECO AWARD from a truly eco-friendly process from Europe (EU).

Therefore, they guarantee the following:
  • Special touch with softness, unlike other fabrics.
  • Gives a feeling of coolness in summer.
  • Gives a feeling of warmth in winter.
  • Able to absorb more than 50% moisture.
  • Stay dry and comfortable all night.
  • Natural fibers from wood pulp which is more durable than cotton.

Product information

  • 6-feet. bed sheets
    72″x78″x16″ / 182x198x38 cm.
  • 5-feet. bed sheets
    60″x78″x16″ / 152x198x38 cm.
  • Bedding size 3.5 feet.
    42’x78″x16″ / 106x198x38 cm.
  • standard size pillowcase
    20″x30″ / 50×76 cm.
  • large pillowcase
    21″x36″ / 53x91cm.
  • cushion cover
    37″x37″ / 94×94 cm.
  • standard size pillowcase
    14″x44″ / 35x111cm.
  • Side pillowcase
    19″x42″ / 48x106cm.
  • double duvet cover
    90″x100″ / 228×254 cm.
  • single duvet cover
    70″x90″ / 177×228 cm.

* Bedsheets can be made to order according to the desired size. Please contact the salesperson to inquire for more details.

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Omazz New Tencel Print

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