Omazz® Fairmont Bedding Set – Desert Bronze


100% Finest cotton 950 Thread count. Appreciate the pleasures of distinguished tastes and values with the New Omazz Fairmont Bed Linen Collection.

Bedsheet 3.5 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 3.5 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 5 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 5 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 6 ft. (1pcs)Bedsheet 6 ft. (1pcs)Bolster case 15″x44″ (2pcs)Bolster case 15″x44″ (2pcs)Duvet Cover 70″x90″(1pcs)Duvet Cover 70″x90″(1pcs)Duvet Cover 90″x100″(1pcs)Duvet Cover 90″x100″(1pcs)Pillow case 20″x30″ (2pcs)Pillow case 20″x30″ (2pcs)Quilt 100"x90"Quilt 100"x90"Quilt 70"x90"Quilt 70"x90"Wing pillow cover 20″x30″ (2 pcs)Wing pillow cover 20″x30″ (2 pcs)

The latest collection of Fairmont bedding from Omazz® created and designed with meticulous care. Made from the finest 100% cotton yarn in the world, woven with 950 threads counts giving a smooth, silky touch similar to silk. By using the art of pleating, handcrafted intricately which creates softness and weaves to create a fabrics dimension that looks luxurious and classy created through production with Nestar Soft technology (Nectarsoft™ Technique). A technique that uses a Bio-Enzymes cross-binding method, where each thread has binder between the threads. This creates a fabric that is lean on the traction and spring back to its original shape without breaking the fabric thus producing a fabric that is not easy to wrinkle and reforms its shape well. With this special superior quality of weaving technique, the yarn is separated which gives the fabric a softness similar to natural silk whilst giving the fabric a soft, lustrous shine. This extraordinary fabric will truly complement your bed with softness from Omazz® bedding.

Fairmont will create the perfect transcendent sleep. Premium bedding that is made especially for you.

Product information

  • 6-foot bed sheets
    72″x78″x16″ / 182x198x38 cm.
  • 5-foot bed sheets
    60″x78″x16″ / 152x198x38 cm.
  • Bedding size 3.5 feet.
    42’x78″x16″ / 106x198x38cm.
  • Standard size pillowcase
    20″x30″ / 50×76 cm.
  • Pillowcase with wings, standard size.
    20″x30″ / 50x76cm.
  • Standard size pillowcase
    14’x44″ / 35x111cm.
  • Double duvet cover
    90″x100″ / 228x254cm.
  • Dingle bed duvet cover
    70″x90″ / 177x228cm.
  • Double Bed Quilt
    90’x100″ / 228x254cm.
  • Single Bed Quilt
    70″x90″ / 177x228cm.

* Bedsheets can be made to order according to the desired size. Please contact the salesperson to inquire for more details

bedsheet set

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Omazz Fairmont

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