Comparision to memory foam

Omazz® latex foam is proven to be 33% more cushioning and support more width than traditional memory foam.

Our unique latex blend responds to your unique body contours without waiting for body heat to occur. Latex is made from natural rubber in comparison to memory foam or Viscoelastic, polyurethane-plastic foam, latex provides an “instant recovery” shape and supports body movement whilst memory foam has “slow recovery” when responding to your body heat. With memory foam, sleepers have to wait for their body temperature to lower for the foam to soften before experiencing contour body support.

Is the rotation really bad?

Tossing and turning during sleep reduce blood flow and limits the ability of oxygen to reach body muscles and tissues. The body compensates for the lack of oxygen by moving. Unfortunately, this movement leads to less sleep and can leave you feeling tired and worn out in the morning. Fortunately, you can be assured of a good night’s sleep with the use of our mattresses and pillows to provide the flow of oxygen to all your muscles, recharge and renew cells, and prolong REM or deep sleep, REM sleep relieves stress and rejuvenates the mind.

We provide specially designed pillows to reduce pressure and provide optimal support with meticulously selected natural high-quality materials from around the world: Siberian goose down, Arctic goose down, Hungarian goose down and Talatech™ latex foam.

Why is pressure relief important?

Pressure inhibits the flow of blood and oxygen to different areas of the body, causing you to toss and turn during sleep. Proper alignment provides your body with the nutrients it needs to repair and rejuvenate itself throughout the night.

Omazz® uses an internal data mapping system called XSENSOR® with 10,000 sensors set to measure pressure points (shown in red) between the body and sleep surface. XSENSOR® technology is an essential tool for designing, testing and optimizing sleep for optimal comfort.

Pressure test XSENSOR® proves that our real Talatech™ rubber reduces pressure by up to 33% compared to flexible foam as well as outperforms other rubber products and offers superior support that consumers are looking for today, our mattresses conform to every curve and the shape of your body. I tried everything but I still can’t sleep!! What should I do?

Nutrition, lifestyle and other factors can greatly affect sleep. Many people suffer from sleeping disorders that they cannot cope with. So be sure to consult your doctor if these habits are persistent.

Good sleep and quality sleep

The best way to achieve natural sleep is with regular exercise, drinking chamomile tea before bed, or relaxing in a warm bath. Yoga is also a wonderful therapy that leads to healthy sleep. Finally, choosing the right bedding from natural materials will increase your level of rest and relaxation.

Difference between Omazz® Talatech™ latex & Dunlop-process latex

Omazz® uses the world’s best Talatech™ latex manufacturing process: a highly regulated latex manufacturing process capable of producing the highest quality and most consistent latex in the world. An alternative technology known as the Dunlop process is the most common manufacturing method used worldwide. The Dunlop process creates a compact product that is often used as the main component.

The main difference between the two processes is what takes place in the mold before the latex curing process begins. In the Talalay process, only a small amount of latex is poured into the mold, air is then extracted to redistribute the foaming liquid inside the mold and create a uniform structure around the cells. The mattress core is flash frozen to lock the cell structure in place and prevent the rubber particles from settling. In the Dunlop process, the mold is filled with air, it is not removed and the product is not subjected to extreme temperatures this creates a less “airy” latex cell structure. Gravity takes more time to precipitate the particles and creates a denser product than Talatech™ Latex. Talatech™ is available in a very wide range of firmness, providing added comfort to consumers who refuse to compromise on top quality for healthier rest.

For the most part, Omazz® Talatech™ Latex is made up of 3 components: (1) pure natural latex milk, (2) purified water, (3) air. These three attributes are what make our latex the best rubber in the world today.

Why Omazz® latex is a better choice for those who demand quality?

Omazz® Authentic Talatech™ latex is the best rubber in the world. Our special Talatech™ process removes proteins that can cause latex to break down over time, whilst reducing allergens and providing toxin-free sleep to ensure better slumber for you and your family. Our products are free from bacteria, mold, fungi and dust mites, made exclusively in the USA, our latex is 100% durable and hygienic.

Extremely durable: this means our open-cell structure conforms to our Talatech™ standard, which is more comfortable than any other rubber product.

Quality Proof: We are the only manufacturer to test our mattress cores in 9 different points to ensure product conformance. Every pillow is checked and weighed. All material standards must be of A-grade, Omazz® does not neglect the quality of our products.

World Leaders: Omazz® Authentic Talatech™ is simply the best USA-made Talalay rubber in the world – for a combined top-down product our mattresses come out in ‘tofu’ style that we are proud to say is completely handcrafted and ensures comfort without hard edges.

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