Quality sleep is an incredibly important factor contributing to an individual’s overall good health. When we sleep we provide our brains the time needed to process and commit to memory all the information we have acquired during the day. Studies have shown that solid sleep leads to better memory consolidation and recollection. In contrast, a consistent lack of a good night’s rest may have many negative side effects including the way our body processes carbohydrates leading to weight gain, altered levels of hormones, hypertension and deprivation of the immune system.

The human body needs sleep to function properly as much as plants need water and sun. By choosing Omazz® natural therapy for perfect sleep products, an individual is making the educated choice of taking care of both their body and mind 24 hours a day. No one should compromise the health of their body, mind, and well-being by settling for anything less than perfect sleep satisfaction. When you choose Omazz® you won’t only experience the enjoyment of drifting off to sleep in absolute comfort, but also experience a new sense of rejuvenation when you wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready to face the day. Give your mind and body the rest they require and desire by choosing Omazz® for your essential sleeping needs.

What is the importance of sleep?

Getting a good night’s rest is a crucial factor affecting our physical, mental and emotional health. REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, occurs at least three to five times during a full sleep cycle and aids the mind in releasing the stresses of everyday life, organizing and consolidating memories, as well as stimulating creativity.

Helping your body to sleep well is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and a quality mattress is a great place to start. A quality mattress ensures that every night is a night of quality rest by minimizing unnecessary tossing and turning, ensuring good sleeping posture and providing for equal distribution of body pressure. Choosing the right mattress guarantees that your body and mind are given the rest they deserve, allowing you to wake up feeling fully refreshed and reenergized every morning.

Why is proper blood circulation important?

Circulation is one of the main factors affecting our quality of sleep. Good circulation allows for oxygen to move through the blood transporting nutrients and removing wastes accumulated throughout the day. Sleep is a time for the body to repair and restore itself and proper oxygen flow is a critical component in the body’s restoration process.

What are the effects of poor blood circulation?

Common complaints associated with poor blood circulation during sleep are decreased memory function and difficulty concentrating. Those who suffer from constricted circulation during sleep often awake feeling groggy and tired, even after a full night’s rest. Long-term sleep problems can lead to further serious health issues. Migraines, depression, moodiness and high stress levels are all symptoms often experienced by those who don’t enjoy restful sleep on a regular basis. When proper blood circulation and oxygen flow are constricted during sleep, our bodies miss out on their most restorative opportunity to heal and rejuvenate.

Six reasons why quality sleep is important:


  1. Cardiovascular Health – Lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems such as hypertension, irregular heartbeat and increased levels of stress-induced hormones.
  2. Disease – Sleep deprivation has negative effects on the immune system inhibiting the body’s ability to fight off diseases effectively.
  3. Mood – Sleep deprivation leads to impatience, irritability, and an inability to concentrate. Too little sleep leads to lack of energy prohibiting us from taking pleasure in the activities we enjoy.
  4. Metabolism and Weight Gain – Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain by affecting the way our body processes and stores carbohydrates. Levels of hormones controlling our appetite during the day are often regulated during the sleep cycle.
  5. Safety – Our bodies require adequate and quality sleep in order to be alert and at our best during the daytime hours. Lack of sleep can lead to accidents and a greater tendency to fall asleep during daytime activities requiring our full attention.
  6. Learning and Memory – The sleep cycle is a critical component in memory organization and consolidation. During the sleep cycle our brain commits new information to memory and rids itself of excess stresses through a process known as memory consolidation.

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