What offers the best support, plush or firm?
Latex, innerspring, memory foam or air?

The right choice for you is a personal decision as comfort is always a subjective preference. For years the bedding industry fell under the rule-of-thumb that a firm mattress was the best choice for support and comfort; however, our body contours are far from flat no matter if you prefer resting on your back, side or stomach. Many conventional firm beds leave unsupported gaps between your body and the mattress. Your body deserves support when it needs rest and requires a surface that can comfortably conform to your own individual contours. An ideal mattress and pillow will keep your entire spine in alignment while you rest, from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, offering support without stiffness and cradling comfort without any feelings of confinement.

Back? Side? Stomach?

How you sleep is important: Side sleepers require firmer pillows and additional support due to the large gap of space created between the mattress and their ear and shoulder blade. The same sleeper may also require a plushier mattress in order to fully support the hips, shoulders and associated body contours. Our body contours often exert increased pressure on the mattress creating additional pressure points that must be absorbed for full comfort.

Just Right

Latex is an incredible material offering full conforming support and even weight distribution to keep your spine naturally aligned in a fully relaxed position all night long.

Too soft

While a soft bed may feel more comfortable initially, inadequate support of your lower back, where the majority of your weight is concentrated, can lead to pain and stiffness.

Too Firm

A hard sleeping surface provides uneven support and causes uncomfortable high-pressure areas that can lead to tossing and turning during the night.

If you prefer to sleep on your back, you may wish to consider a pillow of medium firmness in order to keep the spine from bending improperly. In order to prevent back pain, stomach sleepers often need a lower profile or plushier pillow ensuring that the neck and spine are kept in full alignment. The key to selecting the right mattress for your unique sleep profile is not to rush the process. Spend a few minutes lying in your favorite sleep position on several different styles of mattresses. Pay attention to the alignment of your spine and check your comfort level after 2-3 minutes of lying still. It can often feel uncomfortable to spend even 2-3 minutes time lying on a bed in a store, but this trial is critical to better understanding the level of comfort and support a mattress can provide.

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