Why Omazz®?

Every product that leaves our warehouse reflects excellence in quality and meticulous attention to detail that creates a new scope of the finest intricately woven mattresses.

  • Latex Omazz®
  • Sophistication of artisans
  • Healthy and Environmentally friendly

The best choice for super premium health mattress. Made from Talalay which is the only best natural latex in the world.

Talalay natural latex can achieve the perfect balance between comfort and relaxation, it supports the back of the sleeper perfectly so you can have a deeper slumber whilst attaining true serenity that makes you feel refreshed in the morning. Omazz® natural latex feels instantly comfortable to the touch because it has features that naturally adapt to every square inch of your body. It helps gently supports your back and ensures that you feel comfortable whilst helping to relax stress points (Body Pressure) up to 200% better than conventional foam latex mattresses, spring mattresses or other types of mattresses. Natural latex foam (Talatech™) gives you more comfort than you normally feel so you can be sure that you will wake up feeling completely refreshed ready to face any challenge of the day.


The Latex is tapped from the rubber tree (in the same way that maple trees are pierced for syrup) then is mixed with natural latex, air and purified water with natural substances. A fixed amount of rubber is fixed in a temperature-controlled stainless steel tank with an automated robotic system before being tested for quality from Ph value, viscosity and temperature.

Form shaping process

The resulting mixture is then forwarded to the printing press to achieve the same viscosity as ice cream, before an automated machine injects the liquid into the aluminium needle mold, the needle forms a unique Omazz® ventilation structure. The size of the aluminium needle, the distance between needles and the amount of latex injected will cause different concentrations or levels of fullness.

The automated production system dispenses the ingredients in the template regularly, controlled by a state-of-the-art computer system to ensure final standard foam texture. Before locking the template, the air is extracted and the cavity template is filled to full capacity with latex. The latex is then refrigerated to -20°F. Freezing (licensed only for the Pure Talatech™ foam manufacturing process) will prevent latex particles from forming and resulting in a honeycomb structure with an open-cell that is equally porous, foam size, air intake and freezing the main difference between real Talatech™ and other types of latexes.

In the production of real Talatech™, only a few ingredients will gradually be poured into the cavity template before the air is expelled. To make the mixture inside of the mold smooth evenly, resulting in a tiny honeycomb-like structure that is magnificently round. Then the template is frozen in the proper position to hold the appropriate structure and prevent the latex particles from adhering. Finally, a mass of air is mixed into the latex to change the state of natural foam.  The template is then heat-treated at 220 degrees Fahrenheit to disinfect and clean the mold.


Omazz® natural Talatech™ latex foam retains its durability over its lifetime, without the need to fluff or restuff the mattress. Our materials won’t break or sag like normal fibers or floss products. Our pre-heating cleaning process increases durability and convenience by eliminating soap residues, latex stabilizers and proteins, which can soften mattresses as they age. Omazz® is one of the few mattress manufacturers in the world that cleanse every pillow and natural foam material layer of every mattress. Our latex pillows are removed from the template and placed on a conveyor belt which is moved through 5 steps of rinsing with clean water (with 12 nozzles in each step). In order to thoroughly wash away soap residues, latex stabilizers and proteins, at each stage the pillow is compressed so that its size is only 4% of its original thickness to remove as much residue from the product as possible. Protein removal is of paramount importance to sleep hygiene as protein is a residue found in natural materials such as latex. This is a food source that attracts dust mites and bacteria which accumulates in the mattress. That’s why Omazz® takes meticulous care in everything step to ensure that Omazz® Talatech™ latex foam is pure and free from contaminants that cause allergy and dust mites in your home.

Drying process

Latex foam pillows are transported to an 8-lane dryer for heat treatment and removal of residual moisture from the product. The dryer has a concave belt shape, which is beneficial for maintaining every layer of natural foam material in the shape of the pillow.

Quality test

When every dried pillow is inspected by an automated robot to detect defects and ensure that pillow firmness (ILD) values ​​meet our stringent quality requirements and standards. Natural deep sleep on Omazz® Talatech™ pillows is the most natural sleep in the world. We guarantee a better and deeper night’s sleep on our premium natural latex foam pillow which is made from natural latex. Our pillows will help to support weight on the neck and head which are delicate while providing comfort to the upper shoulder area for healthier sleep.

Omazz® products

Made by skilled experienced craftsmen every product that leaves our warehouse reflects the supreme quality and meticulous attention to detail, creating a new scale in the finest finely woven mattresses.

Meticulous attentiveness

Careful inspection of all internal layers and assembly requires the skill and perfection of traditional artisans.


The production process of our products requires true dedication with over 16,000 hand-woven stitches, each of our products is proof that Omazz® @ products are a symbol of fine art and quality that can only be handcrafted. This is a philosophy that we have always been proud of.

Distributing pressure, therefore, creates more comfort.

  • Helps distribute pressure more than “Normal foam pillow and memory foam” up to 300%
  • Helps to eliminate joint pain and back pain caused by lack of support “cervical spine”
  • Reduce pressure from targeted areas that may block blood flow to capillaries, as a result, the sleeper is restless and has a feeling of numbness in parts of the body that is under immense pressure for long durations.
  • Reduce pressure, which helps oxygen and nutrients to nourish muscles better to create true relaxation
  • Has a light fragrance of natural rubber similar to vanilla glycerin because it does not contain any smelling agents

Health Benefits

  • It has special features by modern production process with an antimicrobial process, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, reducing allergy symptoms.
  • 3x more dust mite protection than Laquex, Dunlop and Memorifoam.
  • Production process that uses water and air mixture, so it is truly friendly to both the environment and you.
  • Has a light fragrance of natural rubber similar to vanilla glycerin because it does not contain any smelling agents

The ultimate in ventilation

  • Due to the porous structure with open cells, it allows good ventilation.
  • Feel warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Omazz® latex pillows are not like traditional fiber, synthetic or down pillows as it is not necessary to fluff the pillow to give the pillow shape that can support your neck and head.

High durability

  • Talatech™ latex pillows are highly flexible.
  • Pillows and mattresses will return to their original shape without the need to pat or fluff
  • Latex mattresses will not collapse and has a lifespan that is significantly longer than conventional mattresses.
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