Zensational™ Collection

Progressive Recovery
Timeless natural comfort.

Omazz® Zensational™ Mattress gives you the ultimate in both hygiene safety from natural foam latex Omazz® Talatech™ and the experience of true pleasure with the Progressive Recovery structure, licensed only by Omazz®. Developed and researched for its excellent efficiency in distributing and balancing pressure and body pressure relief and balance restoration, while embracing the ergonomics of a natural layer of material comprising millions of open-cells, which offers exceptional flexibility. All body movements are softly supported by every molecule of Omazz® Zensational™. This isn’t just a mattress but a new experience of limitless relaxation and relief of both the body and the mind.

Natural Zensational™

Omazz® Zensational™ is created with a new manufacturing innovation known as Talatech™ which blends natural rubber latex with purified water and air before being restructured into Progressive Recovery, which has exceptional flexibility, glides smoothly to support every morsel and curve of the body with the latest technology which is both environmentally friendly and is polyurethane and plastic-free which are components found in conventional memory foam mattresses. Giving you access to the purity of nature and a truly Zensational™ experience.

Perfect sleep hygiene

Sleep Hygiene Perfection

Omazz® Zensational™ has an (Opened-cell) structure, which consists of cells. Millions of open circular cells that not only support balanced weight but also allow good air circulation inside the mattress, a feature that allows the Omazz® Zensational™ to breathe four times that of traditional memory foam which uses good grade synthetics. Most importantly, Omazz® Zensational™ is a natural foam latex that uses a simple natural cycle balancing principle of eliminating protein residue which is a food source for dust mites, therefore, the foam has properties to prevent dust mites and microorganisms naturally similar to foam products such as Natural-tex and Omazz®’s Talatech™ created by Omazz®.

Sweet dream with unique sensation

A uniqueness that will facilitate good dreams

The Omazz® Zensational™ mattress provides you with a soft, nurturing embrace as soon as you lay down, thanks to Omazz®’s Progressive Recovery Talatech™ construction. The structure of Talatech™ reduces pressure on the body (Body Pressure) at each point to almost zero, with the surface of the mattress gradually embracing the body, ready to relieve the feeling of pressure on the mattress. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, the Omazz® Zensational™ lets you move and change posture in a comfortable, natural way, with no traces of pressure remaining because Omazz® Zensational™ is designed to provide fast recovery at all times which is a superior feature to Visco or traditional memory foam.

Zensational™ collection mattress

Mattresses from the Zensational™ collection are lined with the finest natural cotton velvet (Velor) in olive-grey which is unique to Omazz® mattresses. This collection reflects profound peace as is the key to the relaxation of ZEN. Every mattress is manufactured and assembled by skilled craftsmen who have a passion for creating mattresses by using only the traditional art of handcrafting, which reflects meticulous care and attention in each product. Mattresses in the Zensational™ collection has two key components.

Weight Balance Layer (Topper) – Contains Zensational™’s natural foam that provides a soft and comfortable touch that hugs the body like no other. Eliminating pressure on the body while balancing support with Omazz® 44 ILD Talatech™ latex foam on the bottom, and Omazz® Evercloud® Latex on the surface and textured fabric to help reduce pressure to a minimum making every touch as light and comfortable as a fluffy cloud.

Base Core – a blend of Organique® Foam and Omazz® micro pocketed-coils that provides excellent stability in supporting weight and helps support and adjust the shape of the back to be horizontal, giving just the right push-back support, not too much or too little, that makes every touch on the Zensational™ collection soft and natural.

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